Finding destination in the journey

When I was a child, I used to wonder what my future will be like? I felt as if I was running on an escalator in the opposite direction. Yes, it was so weird! I was running in the wrong direction. I had a destiny in mind, but it was so superficial. I didn’t even know where it was or what will take me there. Will I get there? Will the flame of interest keep burning?

And one day, something changed. The dark clouds stirred up a storm. Lightning announced its arrival into the glistening grey clouds. The winds confirmed something was about to happen, so tighten your seat belts. People rushed to take shelter from the newly arrived tempest. The clouds finally opened up to grant what was vital. As the scorched earth soaked the pouring waters, I smelt the scent of the satiated earth. The ground beneath me was smiling, and it gave me its powerful secret.

It was a little actuality which is unmatched by any knowledge. Find your destination on your journey! It is all about the present. I still can’t get over that sensation of relief. That moment of my childhood when I realized the value of time.

Firstly, I felt so relieved that I don’t have to run after something.

Then I felt enlightened that I am what I choose to be. The most happening part of everything was the realization that I am the Sun and everything revolves around me. I can decide what I want.

Lastly, I felt I had more time for myself. Me! No more self-deprivation. I can focus on what I am and how I want things to be.

The journey has more to it than one single destination. Who knows what lies in that destination? The mirage of destiny is a picture in our minds. And if it is all about imagination, then why not make the most of the journey itself. The journey is one catalog of life that will show you every part of it. Joy, sorrow, humor, drama and much more. Success and failure will teach you what is right for you and what isn’t. What is worth to let go and what is worth keeping. The desire of attaining a destination has affected many souls. But no one knows if it was worth it.

There is no destiny, and it is all about you!

Self-Heal-No one knows you better than you, and no one can heal you better than you.

Be greedy and live your life-Nothing is more beautiful or better than living your own life. Enjoy it!

Positivity is the most powerful weapon-No one can convince you negatively if positivity immunizes you.

Be fearless, dream and manifest!

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