Serving a cooked up story-My journey into editing

What is the art of storytelling, editing?

What is the art of storytelling? Editing!

What? Is the art of storytelling, editing?

What is the art of storytelling and editing?

These four sentences are a perfect example of how grammar and punctuation help us express our thoughts. Punctuation and grammar can create various sentences with same words yet different meanings. These two ingredients can create a delectable assortment of ideas. Simplicity, clarity, and emotions add expression. If you are writing something and want it to get a right amount of attention, then punctuation is your guide. Grammar, on the other hand, ensures accuracy.

You can get your message across, safely!

The most meaningful interpretation comes from the most simpler version of words which provides clarity. No one likes complexity. The effects of complexity are thought to provoke. However, logic involves simplicity as the base. The journey that begins with a more honest thought is always remembered well. Curiosity and complexity may be a couple. However, interest still feels more satiated with simplicity. An answer of a simple yes, no or maybe, guarantees the seeker with a sense of relief. It is wise to say; magic is always pure. It can get you whatever you want in the blink of an eye. Simplicity helps understand a logic more quickly. Grammar, punctuation, and simplicity consider clarity as the most crucial element of writing. If it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t make sense. There is nothing that can be done. Anything, which is evident comprises of logic and meaning.

Simple is beautiful!

No matter how much logic entices you, emotions always win. Ultimately, it is all about the feel of things. When I was a child, I read many interesting stories. However, I chose to remember only those that touched my heart. My reading skills were nurtured in two different languages. I still remember the stories I enjoyed, irrespective of the language. Emotions soak up the heart and leave the reader stunned by the magic that words stir. It can light up a dark moment and can cheer up a sad heart. Most importantly, it helps create the ability to see a picture and to question.

What happened next?

As I stood at the bus stop, I heard two friends argue about a music album. I decided to ignore their conversation. What is in it for me? Two seconds later, I listened to two women talk about make up, and I must stay I was glued to their conversation. They were discussing a new foundation. No doubt, in the next few moments, I was in action. My phone was in my hand, as I surfed the foundation and its reviews.

What is in it for me?

Whether it’s using a great book cover or creating a picture, visuals are always more likely to attract readers. Social media, marketing, and visual arts are an essential ingredient in serving a cooked up story. Colors, infographics, logical layouts and videos provoke interest.

I like that! #interesting

Once I finished my first book, I was a bit worried about editing it. After all, it was me who was going over everything again. It was an achievement to realize that I had conveyed what I intended to show.  After my first review, I gave it to someone else to proofread it. A thorough review always helps. Finally, what matters to me the most is whether the readers were able to share my passion when I wrote this book. Did they share it? Click below to read my book’s review.

Mango-A collection of short stories

The best will be to order one for yourself, so you can tell me if the cooked up stories were served right?


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