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MANGO is a collection of ten stories that explore life.

Mango-Did you know why mango is important? Learn the intergalactic secret about Mango. A group of friends uncover the mystery behind this juicy fruit and it’s existence.

Magic Potion-Have you ever wondered what secret gifts Mother Nature has bestowed on us? Mother Nature has blessed us with products and catalysts to create Magic. Embark on a rejuvenating journey to discover how far Magic can take us.

The Amusing Coach-Would you give love a try? It is easy to fall and rise in love, but it is due to the endeavor of genuine curiosity that one stays in love. Experience Love Coaching or Relationship Coaching in this romantic tale about Love. Once you read it, make yourself a Coaching plan!

Fabric-Silk is beautiful to touch, feel and wear. What happens when it becomes your passion? Discover the lifelong relationship of a woman with Silk.

The True Lessons-A student desires wisdom, success and rewards. His only ambition is to be successful. All that he needs is a Guru to teach him things that aren’t in the books. Read more to discover what wisdom did a two hundred year old Guru impart his dear student?

Cycle of Life-Is it true to say what goes around comes around? A dying man unveils a horrifying incident to his grand daughter. Two murders, a missing diamond and bitter memories reveal the pain of a family.

Padmavyuha-What secret does an ancient fort hold? All architectural marvels have a history. A young hotel executive is attracted to the Padmavyuha fort, a haunted place. A rich royal hotelier wants to convert it into a hotel. Both embark on a journey to explore the Padmavyuha fort, unknown to a powerful secret.

Mirage-Can a mirage become a reality to save your life? A dancer is about to make a life changing decision. On one side is her dance and on the other side lies her happiness. Amidst the chaos she needs to choose between life and death. A mystique man enters her life and everything changes. Experience the mystery of attraction.

The Breakup-Memoirs of you and me-Would you dare to analyze your breakup? This memoir details the romantic saga of a lover. Witness the outcome of all the ups and downs in love.

A journey towards light-Will darkness lead to light for a couple trying to become parents? The darkness of night always leads to a morning full of light. Experience love and its light.

Mango-A collection of short stories at Indigo.